A Pyramid Box (Blog Cross-over)

wpid-2015-11-05-20.35.40-1.jpg.jpegOne of the things I love about the techniques I shared in Fanciful Utility is that they can be used for so many projects. This time of year, FanU is great for fun, festive projects. For the next few weeks, I am going to share some of the ways FanU gets Festive.

wpid-2015-11-05-20.35.01-1.jpg.jpegThis Pyramid Box is an extra special kind of box. It can be made to open on one side. Or, it can be made to fully open to lay flat revealing the gift inside.  I envision this box holding a single small, special item such as an ornament, a figurine, or an extra special piece of jewelry. This box could also be made to hang from the tree.

wpid-2015-11-05-20.35.14-1.jpg.jpegMy examples are made from a single, festive cotton fabric. You could make yours from one fabric, alternating fabrics, or with a different fabric on each side.

Make your box, or boxes, up using one fabric, alternating fabrics or a patchwork of fabrics. You can use Christmas fabrics for a festive holiday look, favorite prints to personalize the box, homespuns for a folk look, modern batikis for a flurry of color…. there are so many options.

Pyramid Box Template

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