A Take-Away Style Box (Blog Cross-over)


I call this box the “Take-away” Box because it sorta resembles the rice containers we get for take-out. This is actually the largest box of those I am sharing. As I was making my sample, I pictured it filled with a bag of small chocolates or hard candies. Okay, dark chocolate non-perils in my case. It could also hold an assortment of beads, a pair of warm gloves, or wool stockings.

wpid-2015-11-05-20.34.35.jpg.jpegI used a single cotton fabric for my box. It could easily be made with alternating fabrics. (I did notice the white ground does shadow through the pasteboard more than I would like. This would be an easy one to trim with decorative braid or embroidery. You could add a handle like a food take away box, to hang it from the tree. (be careful of how heavy it gets.)

I’d love to see this one made with quilted silk for the sides and outer flaps. How pretty that would be.

Take Away Box Template

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