The Little Earth Mat

IMG_8391When I saw a Lego mat on Pinterest, my mind went wild with ideas for a mat for our nephew for Christmas. One with a landscape for dinosaurs or animals seemed like so much fun to play with and also fun to make.Oh, I should mention, the whole idea is to have a mat to play on that can then be drawn up into a bag with the draw string, toys inside.

wpid-2015-11-17-14.02.15.jpg.jpegIt just so happened that the idea came right before Chestnut Bay’s Scraptacular Sale. This was were all the fabrics in the bins were sold by weight. I was hoping to find an earthy brown print, a watery blue print and a grassy green print. How excited was I when I found two great water prints, two greens that were actual grass and two browns including one that looked like topography. This meant there could be deep, dark blue water and shallower, pebbly water…..Grass lands and a forest…. and mountains.


After cutting the base circle, I started with the water. With the general positioning in mind, I put the water fabric under the earth fabric. This let me cut the outline of the circle. (sorry the photo is blurry.)

wpid-2015-11-17-14.04.06-1.jpg.jpegAfter cutting the outline, the water could be positioned on the top. I repeated this for each of the layers. Water… Water….. Grass lands…. Forest….. The mountains….. Trimming the non-circle edges to look more natural.

wpid-2015-11-17-14.18.29-1.jpg.jpegI basted the pieces in place around the circle and around the curvy edges. I made sure to leave enough space for when I top-stitch the layers in place. For the mountains, the plan was to give them some depth. So, while I basted the waters, grasslands, and forest in place

I debated between making mountains or a cave. In the end, the cave won because it could also be a pocket… and, well, it was just cool.

Around the edge, I added a bias channel of the desert fabric. Inside went a cotton cord. (The cotton cord does not draw up as easily as I wanted. If I could, I’d change it out for a smoother cord.)




2 thoughts on “The Little Earth Mat

  1. I found this post looking for a single fabric for this professor as a Google search… intended to make this exactly!! Would you sell one?


    • Glad you found this post. This isn’t something I would make to sell. I hope your project goes well. Btw, since making this, I’ve seen other fabrics that would work great on Etsy.


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