Doll Millinery and Accessories

With my reduced attention span during the last two months of being a germ magnet, I’ve been working on some much smaller projects. Doll projects actually.

Cali has a new work bag that is in the same style as the work bag we are doing for the sew along. Her little bag is about 3″ wide. It is made with a bold cotton print and muslin lining. It is trimmed with pleated silk ribbon.

As Cali is a time traveling doll, both backward and forward in time, I have yet to decide if she will be sharing her adventures here on this blog or over on Don’t Paint the Cat. Who knows, she may get demanding and ask for her own blog.

I made a second one of the same fabric for another doll wanting one.
imageI loved the look of the small gauging around the little center, I went ahead and made one of silk as well. This one is a blue and green shot silk. It is worked in black thread and trimmed in black silk ribbon for the handles and bow.



Of course, the ultimate accessory is a nice piece of millinery. Here is Cali in a fashionable straw hat with a little pink silk ribbon. (she may or may not be keeping this one.)


This quilted silk hood will keep her snuggly warm. It is hand quilted on a rose and gold shot silk, in a double scallop pattern.



This wadded hood is made with a slightly smaller pattern for a slightly smaller doll. Thus, the snug fit on Cali. (This will be available.)


Here is a straw toque style hat waiting to be trimmed. Cali doesn’t like this one for herself. Her head is wider and not as deep. It will be so cute trimmed out in velvet.


Here are a few millinery pieces I did a while back. The straw is made with tiny 3-4mm straw plait. I have more of this that I am looking forward to working with this year. The drawn bonnet mimics a human size drawn bonnet I did two years ago. To keep warm, there are a pair of winter bonnets in black and a blue-gray silk.


Besides Cali and Mea’s dress fabric stash tucked away in their trunk, there are many other items I would like to make for them….

Dreamy To-Dos:

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