Planning for 2017

Welcome to 2017.

When I started this blog a little over a year ago, I had plans to fill it with cute modern craft projects. I neglected to post most of the year. This year, I am determined to share a post here at least once a month as a way to remind myself to focus on me at least once a month. I am starting off with a little bit of planning…..

Planning with a Planner

Back when I balanced my full-time on the go job with a couple part time jobs, managing the gallery and a heavy living history schedule, I lived on a color coded day planner. Each area of my life got a different color telling me which way to go each morning. I really did not want to end up a half hour in the worn direction, or worse. Each year a new planner was an absolute must.

When I started working at the school, I stopped using a planners.

Now, let’s pause here.

I stopped using a planner when I started working for an institution that requires students to use a planner. Duh.

Okay, so maybe for a few years I actually had fewer things going on at the same time. Then I added board meetings and event meetings and such. I neglected to implement the planner.

Fast forward….

I work full time, run a small business, manage a house… adding to that… I want to do more at the village and I feel I need to volunteer more in general.

It is time for a planner again.

I decided to order a Bloom Daily 2017 Planner. This planner had a vertical format that I wanted. It also had a full space for Saturday and Sunday, a must in a life where the weekends can have as much, if not more, going on as the week days. This planner had just a bit of inspirational, self-awareness space – just a bit for me to give it a try without being overwhelming. It also had a row of little glasses of water on the bottom. Since I am supposed to be careful about hydration, I decided this was a good thing to have.

Planner in-hand, I am planning 2017…


2017 Hunt List:

Those who follow me at If I had My Own Blue Box or on FB know I love going to yard sales and estate sales. I generally have a hunt list of my own and a rolling hunt list for friends. While, it is a bit early for me to be thinking about what I would like to find this spring and summer, I am already thinking…

  • A couple pairs or trios of reproduction plates to go with the pink repro transferware we have now, either Johnson Bros or, nuts I can’t remember the name. This way we have enough plates for holidays and family gatherings.
  • Two matching boxes that can be hinged together (or the perfect antique box that will make a tiny shop.)  I saw this book style dollhouse on FB. The image spurred the idea of putting two boxes together to make the miniature millinery shop I’ve been wanting to do. This blog has a cute child version of what I have in mind.
  • Another shipping box like the one I grew up with holding books. Or, maybe two.
  • The ongoing search for the right bookshelf continues.