Peddler Doll

“Penny” or “Milly” is way her from Germany. I have yet to make up my mind which she will be. I suspect she will let me know which she prefers when she arrives.

She is a doll made in the 1980s. I don’t think she was meant to be a reproduction doll, nor a high fashion doll. She is just a pretty doll, with a simple, sweet face. Her hair is center parted, wide on the sides and low at the neck. She will be a bit of a millinery fitting challenge.

She reminds me of a few dolls at The Strong, which was the go-to doll museum as I grew up. I remember wandering the hundreds of dolls, doll houses and accessories with my Grandma and Grandpa, when I was likely smaller than many of the dolls there. Now, it is the “National Museum of Play.” But, the top floor still has many of the dolls on display.

PDhNone of these are meant to be exact, just “in the feeling of.” Clockwise, “Penny/Milly” is at the top. 1) A doll by Conta & Boehme, which was a German pottery that started making dolls in 1845. 2) Another by Conta & Boehme. 3) A German doll, by A. W. Fr. Kister. 4 and 5) two German dolls, by Kloster Veilsdorf. 6) A doll by Hertwig & Co.  7) A Conta & Boehme head.

For her body, I am leaning towards going without legs for stability. I am picturing the standard shaped torso on top of a batting stuffed bell, cut all in one. I may also include a piece of wood up through the center and/or a weight at the bottom.

I am also leaning towards fabric hands. I figure these give more flexibility and the option of securing the basket to the hands/wrists.

I added a pin board for an imaginary wish list of what could go in the basket.


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