Peddler Doll – Proportions 

I am thinking about proportions this morning. Or, I have been since it is going on noon. Proportions in two ways: 1) What size things should be in the basket.2) What size body parts PD needs. 

2) Body Proportions 

The PD’s head is 9.5 cm, or 3.75″ tall, shoulder plate included. Cali’s head is 5.5″ tall. So, she will be shorter than Cali, but still larger than I was visualizing. All in all, I guess I was picturing 12″-14″ tall. If we figure her body is three times her head, she will be about 15″ tall. Cali’s arms and legs are 4.5″. So, I can approximate PD’s will need to be about 3″ long if I changed my mind on the no legs, and went the leg route. 

1) Basket Goods Proportions 

What size goods should she be displaying???? If I stick to PD’s scale, assuming she is about 15″ tall, things would be between 1/4 and 1/5 human size. Those are still pretty big pieces and not all that challenging. A headdress would be about 3″ in diameter. Half that size would be far more challenging. But, how would that look in the basket? What scale/size items did original PDs have in their baskets? To me, it looks like the pieces vary. Some look down right tiny. I am pretty sure I saw sewing cases less than a half inch wide. This variety makes me feel like I can do what ever sizes I want and still maintain the goals of the originals. 

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