Meet Penny and Milli

May I introduce Penny the Peddler and Milli the Milliner. 

Yes, they are a tad under dressed. But, at least they have bodies now. 

Both girls stand about the same height. Penny has sewn hands and a weighted bell shape lower body because she is going to need to stand on her own while holding her peddler basket. Milli has both sewn hands and feet. Her funny fat feet are below. 

Their chest plates are not as snug as I thing they should be. It may just be that I made their big sister Cali much fluffier. I will have to get Mae out to see how smooth her plate to textile transition is. 

Penny and Milli will get a full set of underpinnings next. Penny’s outfit will include a yet to be determined dress, an apron and an outer garment of some type red. The dress should be utilitarian. She should also have a hood. Milli can be a little more fashionable. 

Once dressed, Penny can started displaying her wares. Once she has her basket that is. 

Here is Nikki’s foot: 


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