Chemises and Petticoats 

Both Nella and Milli now have simple chemises and lace petticoats. 
These were a simple project to see how my hands are doing. (They blew out 3 or 4 veins in my hands and wrist at the hospital. Ouch) It took me all day to do what would have normally taken just a couple hours, or in reverse, I used to be able to do human sizes in the time it took me to do these. But, either way, my hand only hurt enough to stop on occasion and the girls now are not neeked. 

The chemises are just plain of a coarse muslin. (No lifting or bending or reaching in the sewing room allowed.) 

The petticoats are vintage lace from a FB group. It is nicely bodied. I missed the part where it is natural not white . Oops. Still cute. Milli’s done with stroked gathers. Nella’s is done with guaging. Each petticoat should hold the skirts quite nicely. 

I am trying to decide which part of Milli’s outfit will fulfill the red garment of the peddler doll tradition.

  • Coat
  • Skirt
  • Cloak
  • Basque bodice
  • Hood

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