Milli’s Peddler Tray

I opted to make Milli a tray rather than a basket. 

The tray is 5″x3″ at the top edge, 4.5″x2.5″ at the base. I putangled fabric handles on the sides, but then decided I didn’t like her hands stuck in them. It has two ribbons, on for her neck and one tied around her waist. It seems pretty stable. 

Next comes filling it. 


Milli’s New Red Bodice

My peddler doll finally has a bodice. It is a Basque style in a red twill wool.

I want to find a pretty kerchief for her. She will also get a collar and cuffs.

Next up:

  • Apron of many pockets
  • Her basket
  • Goodies to fill the basket.

Lessons learned: Fabrics that easily fray are not good for doll making. I don’t like the original names for the dolls. This one is more like a Milli.