Millinery Head: Take 1

I’ve been thinking about mini-millinery millinery heads and hat/bonnet stands the last few days. Here is the first head with a learning curve. 

I used a scrap of linen, the same linen from my skirt supports. This is the same weight I use for my full size heads. I basically so-called down and simplified the full size version. 

This head stands 2.25″ tall. Close to Milli’s size. It likes to wabble. It also has a twist. 

Lessons learned:

  • Need to go smaller, about half this size for the shop. 
  • Use lighter weight, less bulky fabric.
  • These need bases with weight. (Hardware store washers) 
  • This did not stuff as firmly as the human size. 

A bit about scale:

Milli is 10″ tall. Compared to me at 5’4″, that makes her 1:7 scale, not a common scale. 1:6 is the closest popular scale. Not that I will be buying her much or anything. The numbers liking side of me just needs to know that. The mini-millinery has an 11″ ceiling. Our ceiling is close to 10′. That means the person inside would be between 5″ and 6″ tall, close to half Milli’s scale. So, I guess the standard 1:12 scale is pretty close. 

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