A Day in the Village: Preparing for the Holidays 

Cali, Milli, and Marie accompanied me to the Genesee Country Village today for Preparing for the Holidays. Milli and I dressed alike: 

Here are the girls ready to start the day. 

As you can see, someone still needs her clothes. I’ll be working on that. I think it is time she gets a Christmas dress. 

Milli was quite excited to watch Marie make doll size baskets. 

Marie and Cali also have baskets. But, I need to take those photos after everyone is dry. It was quite rainy on the way home. 

Here is a much better photo courtesy of Mary Sikes. 


Controlling Chaos

The pile. 

Every project has it. 

The snips, the threads, the trimmings, the bit’n’pieces, the miniscule scraps. 

What a mess. 

For some, it is by the cutting table or sewing machine. For me, being a hand sewer, it is my my sewing spot. 

I am in the midst of creating a new organized station box that can be functional when I need it and rolled away when we have company. For about two-thirds of the year it needs to work for straw millinery; the rest for my small projects. Both create quite a mess at times. 

With this in mind, I finally made a thread & cutting collector. 

Of course, I used my trusty FanU techniques. 

One 4″ square and four trapezoids covered with an extra bit of cotton fabric. 

Assembled, the catcher resembles a pyramid with its top chopped off. 

So far, I am quote happy with it. The wider base helps keep the box from tipping over and let’s me squeeze lots little bits in. 

I also made a holder for my pens and scissors. Right now it clips over the side of the box as it is on its side. I have yet to make up my mind whether the box will sit upright with a removable tray like lid, or on its side with some shelves added. 

Noticing Something Odd?

Don’t worry, the cat hasn’t gone crazy. Neither have I. 

I’ve been moving some posts around from one blog to another. The history one to this one. I still have some of the PDFs missing. I need to re-upload those. 

Sorry for any confusion or frustration. Thank you for reading! 

(Apparently, I fiddled so much I deleted the post I posted earlier too.)