March Project 

This is a quick little project for our feline friends. 

Clara Loves wool and loves her blue fish:

For a few weeks, I’ve wanted to make her some primitive fish out of wool. I finally sat down to make some this afternoon. Here is what I used: 

  • Hand drawn fish (I mimicked the long blue fish she loves) 
  • Fulled wool pieces
  • Wool batting
  • Catnip
  • Ribbon or cord or yarn
  • Thread (you can also use embroidery floss)
  • A poking stick 

I cut two layers of each wool. Some I cut with the tail on the fold. I like how this worked. You could do fish with two different sides. 

The wool needs to well fulled, like that for rug hooking, or felted. Loose weaves aren’t going to hold up as well. The black and white one isn’t as tight or fulled as I would like. I am going to have to put that through the wash several more times before so use more. These are all in pairs:

I cut a three to four inch length of the ribbon or cotton yarn. The ribbon just got folded and securely sewn down to the inside of one piece. The yarn got a know before it was sewn down to the inside of one piece. 

The fish are each sewn with the right sides out, with a small blanket stitch. Wow, black on black without great light is a pain. 

I left the belly of each open so I could stuff it with a pinch of catnip and a small bit of batting. It really is just a small bit of each. Then I closed them. 

They are Clara approved.