The Making of Doll Hats….

20161001_161018.jpgWhen I first started trying to make doll hats and bonnets, I thought “This will be easy. They are just smaller.”

I was wrong. So very very wrong.

Doll heads are just so different than human heads.

2016-01-15-06-18-46-1-jpg.jpegEach doll is different. Porcelain dolls have porcelain hair that can drastically effect the fit of a hat, let alone a bonnet. Dolls with soft hair are sometimes easier, depending on how the hair is set. Then there are cloth dolls and papermache dolls.

I have found that even with getting a selection of measurements as well as photos, I need to make a hat stand that matches in size for each doll. Even then, it takes two or three sewing attempts to get a satisfactory fit.

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