Doll Hair isn’t Squishy

From November, 2013

On Friday I came home to a box on our porch. Inside was something that made me squeal…… 4mm Swiss straw plait.
I had told myself I would not do any millinery until after Christmas. Well, there sat that plait, screaming “play with me, play with me!”
Oh, how it teased!
I just couldn’t take it anymore. I cut off a length of it. Soaked it. And, began to coil the tip of a small doll bonnet.
Ah, finally, a plait in the right proportion to look right to me.
The plait was quite nice to work with. I learned quickly not to work it with my nails as it would split. This plait is actually the width of some single whole straw strips. I sewed in to the evening Friday. I sewed while watching cheese holiday romance movies on Saturday. I wrapped up the last of it as soon as we got back from shopping today.
As I finished, I became more and more excited about just how cute it looked. I kept showing it to DB. It was so cute. Check it out:




Mae was finally going to have her own bonnet.
I got Mae and her box down. Sat on the floor all excited. Unpacked her. Put the bonnet on her head….. and frowned. Porcelain doll hair does not squish. Her hair is so wide, her head is a full 2 inches wider than Jo’s.
Small pout. Okay, Jo can have this one. Get Jo out…..
Again, porcelain doll hair does not squish.
Jo’s hair is big and goes higher on her head by about a quarter-inch.
See, here is the problem:


The hair pushed the back of the bonnet up, forcing the cheektabs back.

So, I’ve started another bonnet with the needed changes


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