Tiniest Dolls on a Penwipe

Small joys come in simple small boxes….

I have been spending random time looking at nineteenth century penwipes lately. Several penwipe designs incorporate dolls, causing doll fun time and history time to collide and get all blurry. I am going to do my best to keep the doll related posts here on Don’t Paint the Cat, but I may occasionally share them on If I had My Own Blue Box.

Surfing through the antique pin cushion category of ebay, as I often do to get a little inspiration, I stumbled upon this great piece labeled as a needle case. It is actually a penwipe. The basic construction under the dolls is a common one for pen wipes: layers of pinked wool under neatly placed, folded pinked wool.

The tiny bisque dolls on top are what make this go from neat to awesome. This basic pen wipe construction is found alone, with a little decoration, with a textile figure, or with little metal figures. These dolls in their great shape are extra fun showing the variety of pen wipes.

The dolls are in great shape. The only age damage present I see the blue doll’s hem and maybe one hand. I need a magnifying glass to see that clearly. Really, they are that small.


Meet Duchess

Any doll that doesn’t quite fit until she sits on a thrown of her name must get a regal name.

Meet Duchess.

Duchess is my second feeling-down-of-the-summer purchase. I have been wanting a blonde doll for a while. Duchess’s listing came up as the post-event adrenalin drop occured. I bid on her. I didn’t think I would win her. It must either be because she is a matte mid-centuryreproduction or because she is missing her legs. Good thing I have an extra pair just about the right size.

As you can see Clara claimed her as soon as she was unwrapped. This adorable lap snuggling went on for a good 15 to 20 minutes, quite a long while for this short attention span feline.

Duchess currently has a very lacey pink dress of mid-twentieth century materials. There is some shattering in the shoulders. All her layers match. I need to decide whether to take her dress of to preserve it and make her a new one to have her match my other dolls, or to leave her in this pretty dress.

Some Dolls Keep Their Name Close

I was going to introduce this little doll when she decided on a name. It has been a couple weeks and she has yet to tell me her name.

I fully confess to buying dolls in response to feeling down this summer. But, don’t worry, I buy bargains, even on a whim. I’ve biught two dolls this summer. This little angel….. Oh, and there it is. That may just be her name. Angel. Hmmmmm……

I was going to say this little angel popped up on Ebay the evening I dropped the box on my wrist and completely scared myself. I was so very worried I broke it or did permanent damage. This tiny doll was listed for less than $10 with the claim she was dressed in a handkerchief. Curiousity won easily.

She arrived with the prettiest little dress made out of what was easily thought to be a handkerchief. The fabric is tissue light cotton, with two scallop edges and a pretty white work embellishment. It is handsewn on into a little dress with a tiny drawstring.

Please meet Angel