Some Dolls Keep Their Name Close

I was going to introduce this little doll when she decided on a name. It has been a couple weeks and she has yet to tell me her name.

I fully confess to buying dolls in response to feeling down this summer. But, don’t worry, I buy bargains, even on a whim. I’ve biught two dolls this summer. This little angel….. Oh, and there it is. That may just be her name. Angel. Hmmmmm……

I was going to say this little angel popped up on Ebay the evening I dropped the box on my wrist and completely scared myself. I was so very worried I broke it or did permanent damage. This tiny doll was listed for less than $10 with the claim she was dressed in a handkerchief. Curiousity won easily.

She arrived with the prettiest little dress made out of what was easily thought to be a handkerchief. The fabric is tissue light cotton, with two scallop edges and a pretty white work embellishment. It is handsewn on into a little dress with a tiny drawstring.

Please meet Angel

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