Meet Duchess

Any doll that doesn’t quite fit until she sits on a thrown of her name must get a regal name.

Meet Duchess.

Duchess is my second feeling-down-of-the-summer purchase. I have been wanting a blonde doll for a while. Duchess’s listing came up as the post-event adrenalin drop occured. I bid on her. I didn’t think I would win her. It must either be because she is a matte mid-centuryreproduction or because she is missing her legs. Good thing I have an extra pair just about the right size.

As you can see Clara claimed her as soon as she was unwrapped. This adorable lap snuggling went on for a good 15 to 20 minutes, quite a long while for this short attention span feline.

Duchess currently has a very lacey pink dress of mid-twentieth century materials. There is some shattering in the shoulders. All her layers match. I need to decide whether to take her dress of to preserve it and make her a new one to have her match my other dolls, or to leave her in this pretty dress.

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