Doll Pen Wipe

20190930_130552.jpg This doll pen wipe started as a broken doll head. This particular head has been waiting for well over a year, maybe two. I changed my mind a few times between pin cushion and pen wipe. Then I saw an illustration of a squat pin cushion followed by a petaled pen wipe. 20190930_130607.jpg

This doll is made with a shallow cone base filled with wool batting. It is pretty firm. There is only a partial shoulder plate holding her in place. You may be able to see some of the stitches under the shoulder plate. These are because, despite firmly packed wool, her head wanted to wiggle wobble.

The wool is a dark blue, not black, and a white. Each petal is a quarter circle cut with a combination of pinking machine and pinking scissors. The lower layer is edged in a chain stitch. The upper petals are in pairs, blue with white. Each petal pair is tacked at the top and the under lower edge. Initially, she was going to get a tall cone hat. But, I just couldn’t bring myself to glue it to her head.

IF I were to do this again, I would use shades of green cut more tear-drop shape for the petals. Then I could make a leafy hat that would not require glue.


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