Folded Pen Wipes – With Doll and Parasol

20190831_174235.jpgOne of the more common constructions of pen wipes I find when looking at originals is a stack of folded pinked folded circles upon a black pinked circle base with some type of decoration/embellishment on the top. The folded circles sometimes alternate colors, sometimes are an assortment of colors. Usually, they are set in quarters. The decorations range from a bow of ribbon, to a sewn figure, to a metal figurine, to a tiny porcelain doll.

20190831_174248.jpgThis original, now in my collection, falls into this category. Four folded, pinked pieces of wool in tan, red and orange are arranged on top of layers of pinked black wool. These folded pieces are not set evenly in quarters.

T20190831_174303.jpghe tiny dolls are Frozen Charlottes. Each is dressed in ribbon wrapped around their bodies with their tiny hands sicking out. Their little feet are painted gold.

20190923_123704.jpgMy trio of folded pen wipes gave me a chance to test some different wools and see how they responded in terms of construction, though not ink absorption. I may send Lily a few wool pieces to get her opinion on that. The white wool is from a length of wool I have run through the washer and dryer several times to use for wool pages. I find this to be most like the original top wools. The black wool is a dense wool meant for upholstery. This makes a nice solid base. The blue and red wools are wool flannel. They are also very like the original. The duo-toned blue and berry have a little more loft and are a tiny bit thicker than the originals. The thickness is not apparent until folded. This is pre-package rug hooking wool.

20190923_123644.jpgI embellished each differently. The doll was the motivator in this project. This is a tiny Frozen Charolette two inches tall with arms flat against her body. Her dress is made from two ribbon scraps. She is sewn around her head and feet to the base.

This was followed by the red, white, and blue parasol. It too can be used as a pen wipe. The handle is a broken crochet hook. It is gently tacke down on the base.

The simplest is the ribbon puff created from a length of ribbon knotted at a regular length, the tided together into the puff.  20190923_123524.jpg20190923_123506.jpg


One thought on “Folded Pen Wipes – With Doll and Parasol

  1. Hi Anna – I found this story while doing some research. I think you might enjoy it. A mention of a doll penwiper- starts page 62
    With regards -Stephanie


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