Dolls of 2019

Okay. It is entirely possible probable that I got a little carried away with dolls this year. I love them. I do.

I’ve also come to understand Grandma’s love for them better. I learned a lot from them. I am facinated by the way they were made into pen wipers and pin cushions. I am realizing I shouls look into a glass case for the littlest ones.

Here are the dolls that came to me this year. I’ve linked any blog posts about them if they have one.

TBN (to be named)?arrived for my birthday. This poor doll still needs clothes.

Bonnie, the bonbon doll



TBN, the Ag Fair pin cushion doll

Ity and Bity, the original pen wiper pair

TBN, the Ag Fair pen wiper doll


Hope, the tiniest penny doll

Holly, the original pen wiper

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