A Morning’s Whimsy Witch Hat Work

I will be putting the Whimsy Whitch Hats on this blog.

I made two littles and two bigs this morning. I cut them on two occasions earlier this week but didn’t have the after school energy to sew them.

It occured to me I had some pieces of Family Heirloom Weavers fabric that might make nice hats. Well…… I Love how this hat came out. Their fabric makes a great brim with nice body. If you love this as much as I do, let me know. I have one more piece pulled out to make up. I do need to wait for brown thread though.
I completely forgot I had this vintage wool in my wool craft stash. It makes up a celestial hat with its splatters of blue and golden threads.
The Mini Whimsy Witch Hats include the plaid people on FB say makes the think of Professor M and a mini version of the FHW hat. Sooooooo cute!

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