My Favorite Small Projects from 2021

In retrospect, I may have had a thing for pen wipers this year. How could I not? They can be adorable. Starting at the top, is the elephant made from a Der Bazar illustration, my first tiny cat, doll pen wipers for my latest “In Detail”, straw nests with hand painted eggs.

Next is the bonbon doll, named Bennie, for the Holiday Open Houses.

Also from the holidays is one of the ornaments I made for the crafty holiday videos. I love wool hearts.

I just love how this year’s Clara’s Friends came out. It was very difficult to list them.

I had a lot of fun in the fall making Whimsy Witch Hats including dolls size hats.

These straw leaves became nice ornaments to send out. Sadly, I ran out of straw and time.

And, some lavender wands. The fragrance makes them lovely to work with.