A Hat by Chance

Backstory: Out of on-going curiosity,  I bought a doll size hat block I had been watching on ebay. It was a shape that mimics an original block I have, just with an up-turned brim. It turned out to be a darling little thing when it arrived. It is meant to used to make a hat in reverse, from the outside in, with paper straw plait glued row to row. I will be using it for sewn pieces of course.

Last night, once I had three human size pieces on the block, I decided to give the little one a try. I used the straw I had just used on an 1850s bonnet rather than the narrower straw I have in mind for some dill pieces. It worked up quickly with the curve distances landing perfectly at plait rows. 
Then I went to block it.
Um. Well. This bit I did not like at all. On a human piece, this would have been done in reverse or with a secondary block to hold down on the shape. I fussed. I fiddled. I even tried string. Weight and wait was a must.

This morning, I popped it off the block. The shape is nice. I think it will be emphasized better with the finer plait or with softer plait. I would like to try the brim a bit wider. All in all, cuteness.

To my delight,  I found it fit Bonnie perfectly. So much so, I wonder if a Jenny Lind head was the model for this block.

This means Bonnie, Violet, the yet to be name kerchief doll, and the potential peppermint doll, will all have hats in their future.

One of two new Jenny Lind style dolls. This doll will have a dress made from one GCVM’s new reproduction kerchiefs.