Reproduction Broaches in Doll Sizes

Sometime during lockdown, I stumbled upon a reproduction maker on Ebay. I sampled a few pieces in support and found I liked nearly all of them. Those I didn’t like were due to personal preferences: I don’t like very large broaches, though that is a very Victorian thing, and I don’t like shiney, preferring matte finishes. Since then, they have moved to Etsy and added more styles.

Among those styles are pieces the right size for dolls.

Here, Violet wears a pin from an earlier purchase. This style combines an anchor, heart, and cross entwined. On the right, Theo wears one of the newest arrivals, a sheath of wheat. (Violet is about 21″. Theo is about 19″)

Here is a side-by-side of the wheat broach for me and the wheat broach for the dolls. (I have decide to treat myself to the wheat themed pieces from different reproduction artists.)

I happen to like the bog oak, gutta percha, and bone finishes best. I prefer the matte finish. I find the Whitby jet to be shiney. I also think matte finishes show the detail best.

There are styles in a petite size suitable for larger dolls. Here is a list of styles available at the time of writing. There have been others and may still be more. I have those in italics.

Style A – Anchor/heart

Style A & B – Doves and forget-me-nots, doves and wheat sheath –

Style C – Wheat –

Style C – Wheat –

These crosses may be small enough –