Romantic Pages

This summer I came across a book title Dubious Documents this summer. It is a puzzle book comprised of envelopes each filled with a document clue. As we’ve been working on puzzle boxes at work, the beautiful little book caught my attention and had to come home with me.

The construction, envelopes made of decorative paper bound at the side, captivated me.

I had to create my own.

I found a set of scrapbook paper with a romantic feel combining late Victorian ephemeral images with beautiful roses. It had just the look I wanted. (I also have a couple other sets in my cart including one of maps and one more celestial.)

I made each of the envelopes first. To do this, I made a template the size of the finished envelope and folded the sides of the paper diagonally over it. I secured the folds with double sided tape, a first for me. I find I like this product. Each envelope page got a folded, hole punched tab at the base to secure it to the binding.

The book needed two sheets of paper for each the front and back cover. I find it was important to pre-score the fold for the binding. (This is where I made a mistake and scored the wrong side requiring an additional fold for each envelope.) It is important for the exterior paper to wrap around the entire folding section on the inside. I am considering a fabric for this part of the cover on future books like this because I can see the paper is already cracking at the fold.

Total materials included 1 24 sheet pack of 12″×12″ scrapbook paper, two sheets of thick pasteboard, double sided tape, and ribbon. For tools, I found I needed scissors, a ruler that doubled as a folding edge, a hole punch, and awl, and bodkin. I did end up running out of tape. Ooops.

I love this so much, I will be making another.


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