Fabric Book for Memories or Dreams

Continuing my book fascination, today I made a fabric book full of pockets from this oh-so-pretty map print I picked up at Chestnut Bay Quilt Shop. The concept of the book was inspired by a later 19th century sewing kit sometimes called “A Friend In Need.” For more on this book style case, read Dawn Cook Ronnington’s article in Piecework.

The fabric I used is a backing fabric that is 108″ wide. I only used 37″ of the 2/3rds of a yard I bought. In other words, piece 37″ by 24″. Plus, a little strip for the ties.

While the Victorian sewing book version was made with a single layer of fabric and bound with tape, I opted for two layers of fabric and turning the edges in rather than tape. Four inch scallops fold down over the eight interior pockets. I could add buttons or ties to each pocket, but they currently feel nicely secure.

It bothered me that the front of the book was upside down. So, I added a linen “plate,” which I will may embroider with “Memories” or “Dreams.”


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