Book Decorations Challenge

It all started with day dreaming….. I was dreaming up ideas for a Peppermint Tree, one filled with peppermint inspired/themed ornaments and decorations. Then, I saw a star made from the pages of a book.

That was it…. my mind started rolling around all the different ornaments and decorations that could be made from the pages of a discarded book….. Then I wondered just how many ornaments could I make from a single book. 🤔

Book in hand, I will see how many ornaments I can make from this dictionary discarded from my local library. I will try to use an assortment of techniques to make a variety of ornaments. I will post them in my Don’t Paint the Cat Instagram with the hashtag #bookornamentchallenge and here on Don’t Paint the Cat.

I would love to have people join me. If there is some interest, I will create a Facebook group.