Spring Adventures at GCVM

Today, Theo, Bonnie, Benny, Milli, and the fancy work dolls accompanied me to GCVM for a presentation. (Read more on the history program on If I Had My Own Blue Box.)

I love this photo of Bonnie and Benny:

I suspect there was a little sibling rivalry happening:

While there, Theo got to have a few additional adventures….

Theo posed for a photo in the tiki hut, I mean duck blind in the gallery. She also had her tintype image taken. (Image coming)

While waiting for the tintype to develop, Theo got to know some of the chickens at Hetchler. They are lovely ladies.


Doll Family Photo Album

Lisette, the Peppermint Doll
Bonnie, the BonBon Doll
Benny, the BonBon Boy
Marie (l) and Milli (r)
Theo, the kerchief doll
Liberty, the Patriotic Doll
Milli, Marie, and Violet
Violet reading to Angel and Mee
Holly, a tiny frozen Charlotte
Hope, a pen wipe
The little pen wipes
A pin cushion
(I don’t remember what I named this doll), with Mary and Mee

Cali Visits Foster

I am moving this post over from my history blog. It is from November 2016

While I set up for the Millinery in Miniature workshop, Cali explored Foster-Tuffs, the house Grandma interpreted for most of her 27 years at GCVM.

Cali wondered if I knew which quilts Grandma worked on. There are quite a few of them. Then she asked if this is one of the coverlets Peter talked about on Sunday.

“What is this space behind the curtain?”

The house was still dressed for mourning. Cali explored the many details.

Cali thought these stairs didn’t look too steep. She rather liked the wall paper and thought it would look nice on a band box.

Cali particularly liked the display of porcelain, soft paste and pottery. She recognized a few pieces too.

Cali is all ready to teach the workshop.

Looking for attendees and a quick photo together.

A shiny red apple for lunch.

A little hat to add to the trunk.

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