Meet Hope

Hope is a 2 inch tall penny doll.

She arrived with no legs.

I gave her a bell shape base that needed a little suspender-like assistance to stay on.

Hope is wearing a brown/black shot silk dress trimmed in blue velvet. Her skirt is guaged to its tiny waistband. It is also tacked down to her cloth body to keep it from flying up. Her bodice is cut like a pelerine, much like the yellow dress for the pin cushion doll.

Charlotte or Penny?


In attempting to select the right penny doll for my upcoming pen wipers, I came across a nice article by Bonnie Taylor-Blake.  “Defrosting Frozen Charlotte” is filled with well organized citations.  I highly recommend the read.

It turns out the proper nineteenth century name for these tiny dolls is “penny doll” rather than “frozen Charlotte.”

Are you curious which pose of doll I chose? I opted for what I am calling the more active pose, with the little arms slight raised as apposed to what I am calling the mummy pose with the arms along its side or the death pose with the arms laid upon the chest. This is because this pose seems to be the most frequent on original pen wipers.


Meet Violet

Violet is about 20″ tall. Her cotton body is stuffed with wool, an entire small quilt batt if wool.

Violet has hand shaped/sewn hands and feet.

Violet’s layers

Her petticoats were Ag Fair entries.