Kerchief Doll

She has a body, chemise, and petticoat.  This makes her ready enough for opening day.
The chemise is one of tweeks and tucks. I added too much width for the original four shallow tucks I wanted to do. The four became six and were made deeper. It has the tiniest button and button hole I’ve done, I think.
I need to be much more careful in draping her bodice. She will get a toile before I cut into the kerchief. 
I am currently picturing a deep V similar to what I plan for my wool challis. I need to look at the scale of the border before deciding whether to use it on the skirt and sleeves, or front of the bodice as well.

Necklace of Vindication!

This past week I was determined to get the doll bodies for the future kerchief doll and future peppermint doll made. This way they both could be ready for their layers. I would like to take the kerchief doll for opening day at the museum to show off the new reproduction kerchiefs, each based on originals in the Greene Collection.

Everything was going well. 4 arms. 4 legs. 2 bodies. Lots of wool. I had mimicked the size I did for Violet, the second of the now 4 Jenny Lind style dolls in residence.

But, then…

I finished assembling and stuffing the bodies. I placed the kerchief doll’s head on the body…. and…. oh, my…. the head was too small. Or, rather, the body was too big.

I was disappointed, but not detured. I altered the finished arms and legs for the second body, cut down the torso, and recut pieces for a third body. (I figured no point taking apart the larger body. The right size head would come along.)

As I stitched the second body together, I couldn’t help but think about how I got the body too big. Too much seam allowance? Was I not careful enough going from finished doll back to cloth? I was a bit sulky.

By the end of that evening I had two doll bodies of just enough different size. I still need to make the third.

Then life, work, and millinery took the rest of the week.

Fast forward to Saturday.

I went to the Peddlers Market for a much, much needed mental health retreat. In this case, I mean the “run away, run away” version of retreat. While there, I saw this petite cameo necklace that was just the size for one of the larger dolls. I’ve had this idea that I want to make doll scale jewelry for some time now. So, this came home with me.

This morning, I went to put the necklace, double looped, onto the dolls. It slid over the new doll’s head and dangled about her chest plate. Then I went to see how it looked on Violet. It wouldn’t slip over her head. Hmmm? I tried Bonnie. It wouldn’t slip over her head either. Both needed it unclasped.

Could it be the dolls’ heads are different sizes? I hadn’t actually measured. They look the same size. Yet, the two new Jenny Lind style heads are just a tad bit smaller than their sisters.

This means the larger of the two doll bodies was made the same size, mostly, as Violet is. The new doll heads are just a fraction smaller. Just enough to make a difference. It will be interesting to see them side by side when finished.

A Hat by Chance

Backstory: Out of on-going curiosity,  I bought a doll size hat block I had been watching on ebay. It was a shape that mimics an original block I have, just with an up-turned brim. It turned out to be a darling little thing when it arrived. It is meant to used to make a hat in reverse, from the outside in, with paper straw plait glued row to row. I will be using it for sewn pieces of course.

Last night, once I had three human size pieces on the block, I decided to give the little one a try. I used the straw I had just used on an 1850s bonnet rather than the narrower straw I have in mind for some dill pieces. It worked up quickly with the curve distances landing perfectly at plait rows. 
Then I went to block it.
Um. Well. This bit I did not like at all. On a human piece, this would have been done in reverse or with a secondary block to hold down on the shape. I fussed. I fiddled. I even tried string. Weight and wait was a must.

This morning, I popped it off the block. The shape is nice. I think it will be emphasized better with the finer plait or with softer plait. I would like to try the brim a bit wider. All in all, cuteness.

To my delight,  I found it fit Bonnie perfectly. So much so, I wonder if a Jenny Lind head was the model for this block.

This means Bonnie, Violet, the yet to be name kerchief doll, and the potential peppermint doll, will all have hats in their future.

One of two new Jenny Lind style dolls. This doll will have a dress made from one GCVM’s new reproduction kerchiefs.