Controlling Chaos

The pile. 

Every project has it. 

The snips, the threads, the trimmings, the bit’n’pieces, the miniscule scraps. 

What a mess. 

For some, it is by the cutting table or sewing machine. For me, being a hand sewer, it is my my sewing spot. 

I am in the midst of creating a new organized station box that can be functional when I need it and rolled away when we have company. For about two-thirds of the year it needs to work for straw millinery; the rest for my small projects. Both create quite a mess at times. 

With this in mind, I finally made a thread & cutting collector. 

Of course, I used my trusty FanU techniques. 

One 4″ square and four trapezoids covered with an extra bit of cotton fabric. 

Assembled, the catcher resembles a pyramid with its top chopped off. 

So far, I am quote happy with it. The wider base helps keep the box from tipping over and let’s me squeeze lots little bits in. 

I also made a holder for my pens and scissors. Right now it clips over the side of the box as it is on its side. I have yet to make up my mind whether the box will sit upright with a removable tray like lid, or on its side with some shelves added. 

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