A Little Whimsy for the Holidays: A Lolly Pop Tree

I like to call those fabric trees on stick Lolly Pop Trees. This video shows you how to make a quick sewn one. The video does take a little fizzle as I get frazzled after losing a needle. Don’t worry, I did find it after I finished the video.

This tree project will take:

  • Tree fabric (A fat quarter is plenty for two)
  • Filling – roving, batting, or poly-fill
  • A stick (I used a free chop-stick)
  • A base (I used a ribbon core)
  • Fulled wool or felt for trunk

Find the other tree project I talked about here: https://dontpaintthecat.wordpress.com/2021/11/26/a-fanu-style-tree/

See the introductory video, which shows three techniques I use for making many types of decorations: https://youtu.be/6p6Wy2VXFy8

Video 2 – How to Make a Wool Ornament – https://youtu.be/-kC1TzFb5Mg

Video 3 – How to Make a Stash Scrap Garland – https://youtu.be/tChOBaj-Q7E

Video 4 – How to Make a Gift Card Pocket Holder – https://youtu.be/VXinO-V3cYY

Video 5 – How to Make a Lolly Pop Tree – https://youtu.be/a-7hs5BvZcQ

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